Fully Integrated Orders - No Rekeying!

AccuTracker creates the order for you from the Quote. Once we create the order, you can change the pricing, costs and add as many lines as you need to.

You WON! Now Create the Order in Seconds!

Fully Integrated Order Creation

AccuQuote and AccuTracker are fully integrated. Creating an Order is as easy as clicking on your won items and AccuTracker will create the order. You can create unlimited sales orders per bidder or quote.

Real time financials per Order

AccuTracker tracks all the financials related to each sales order in real time and provides you with the sales booked, costs booked, profit, commissions and more. We also track all invoiced amounts, paid lines (including partial payments) and any amounts not inovoiced or paid.

Unlimited Sales Order Lines

You can create as many sales order lines as needed. Some of our customers orders have over 100 lines. Adding a new line to your order is as simple as clicking Add A New Line.

Status of each order and each line

AccuTracker tracks the status of every line and every order. Lines that are open or partial are tracked in our project management report. Closed lines are ready to paid and are tracked in our Sales Paid and Commissions Due reporting.

Pricing totals and amount left to book

AccuTracker automatically tracks the difference between the PO amount and the booked amount letting you know what is left to order.

Up Next: 100% Correct Commissions Calculations

Commissions have to be accurate and with all the orders that are being generated, the calculations can be complicated. AccuTracker makes it easy!

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