Quote Builder and Job Folder

Quote quickly by reusing old quotes, on the fly without a template, or create a template in minutes that you and your whole team can use over and over! Our job folder automatically stores a copy of every quote you create and allows you to link all your job docs for a job in one place!

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Your quotes will be accurate, professional and consistent

Quote Your way With or Without Templates

Reuse old word or excel based quotes, quote without a template or create a template – Cut and paste old quotes to reuse old specs quickly and easily. Quote without a template and then tell AccuQuote to create the template for you. You can also use our template wizard to create templates in just seconds!

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel and Stay Consistent

In business, your brand is critical and every quote you submit should help to reinforce your brand. Create a consistent look and help to establish brand awareness, setting you apart from competitors.

AccuQuote Saves Time

With AccuQuote you can save tons of time by reusing Quote Content – Build once and Reuse from one to another.

  • Copy a job
  • Copy a Quote Group
  • Copy a Template

Accurate Calculations Done Instantly

Our QuoteBuilder replaces Word and Excel for your sales team. AccuQuote automatically calculates cost, sales price and profit and you can dump the whole quote in to a spreadsheet. With AccuQuote, you don’t need spreadsheets or word docs to generate a quick, professional quote!

Send Quotes directly from AccuQuote!

Simply select from your contacts and AccuQuote sends the quote and saves a copy in your Job Folder automatically.

Store everything you need for the Job in AccuQuote!

Our Job Folder contains all your quotes (stored automatically) and all job docs – all in one place for anyone to access in seconds.

Know and Report on your Operations inside and out

Reports deliverd to you on the schedule you define – Want to email a report of all jobs that are bidding to your sales team every Monday morning – AccuQuote can do that. Set up any report to run on your schedule and AccuQuote will deliver the report to your team whenever you say.

  • Job Status Report
  • Assigned Reps Report
  • Manufacturer Report
  • Model Report
  • Profitability Report
  • Scheduled Customizable Reports

Getting Started is Easy

We do the set up and you can start quoting in just a few days. We will even customize your initial quote format for free. If you decide to use one of our standard formats, that is even faster. If you do want your quote customized, that takes another day for us to create a quote that is unique to you!

Up Next: Project Management and Commissions

Once the quote is sent the deal is far from done. AccuQuote was created specifically for HVAC representatives to track all the steps from order to startUp. Know everything about your pipeline real-time in seconds.

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