Bid Calendar Tool, Notifications, & Reporting

Real-Time access to every detail on every job - get access to the information and reporting
you need to run your business on any device at any time day or night.

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Be on top of every bid date!

We can even remind you what is bidding and what has bid.

Track it all in one place

Our real-time company-wide bid calendar allows for full visibility into your opportunities across divisions, offices, people and job status. You get instant access to every quote, financials, job status, bidders, wins, and losses.

Filter by Division, Job Status, Salesperson, Estimator and Project Manager

All of your important information is right at your finger tips. Target your view even more with powerful filters such as by Division, by Job Status, by Person with a simple click.

Drag and Drop to change bid dates

Quickly update your bid dates without leaving your calendar! Just drag the Job from one date to another and AccuQuote will take care of the rest.

See Job Status, Sales Volume, Assigned personnel with the touch of your mouse

See important Bid information with just a rollover of your mouse such as Estimator Status and Price Subtotal.

One click takes you straight to the job details.

Go straight to the job details page where you can view and edit every detail quickly and easily.

Access Anywhere on Any Device

When customers call with questions – you need to respond quickly in order to win the work. If you are still using job folders, you risk running around the office to hunt down a specific job folder. Put this all behind you with AccuQuote. Instantly pull up every job. One of our customers closed a job while in the car by looking up the data on his phone – after he pulled over of course!

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