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Our customers are saying ROM increases sales efficiency by 30%, saving each rep more than 2 hours a day.

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Are you a Sales Executive?

Here’s how ROM can streamline your quoting, ordering, and project management processes.

  • Quoting Faster
  • Accurate Realtime Commissions
  • Personalized Focus Reports
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Are you a VP of Sales?

ROM can help to streamline your sales operations, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration among your sales team.

  • Realtime Sales Pipeline Visibility
  • Instant Analytics by Salesperson or Bidder
  • Consistent Professional Branding
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Are you an Owner or C-Suite Executive?

ROM offers real-time reporting on open bids and wins/losses by manufacturer, which can help executives make informed decisions about their sales strategies.

  • Real-time Backlog Tracking
  • Insights into Sales Volumes and Profit
  • Sales by Manufacturer, Customer, Engineer, and more
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Winning Teams Choose RepOrderManagement

REA Incorporated

"We're experiencing better visibility for our project opportunities, unified branding to our proposals across multiple offices, and reducing the amount of time to develop a proposal. I am sure that higher closure rates and higher margins will be attained."

United Energy Products

"RepOrderManagement is key to our sales and estimating operations. It is designed specifically for Manufacturers Reps - so they understand our business. With RepOrderManagement, we bid quickly and accurately and the bid calendar means we stay on top of our pipeline. Lastly, their team is very responsive and we know we can count on them when we need them. I recommend RepOrderManagement for any MR that is looking for a better way to quote and increase their win ratio!"

Chesapeake Systems

“Bid calendars, bid follow up, immediate access to data when outside the office, real-time reporting on open bids and wins/losses by manufacturer are almost impossible in a spreadsheet environment without doubling and tripling the amount of work the team has to do."

Morin Company LLC

“RepOrderManagement immediately provided our team with an effective bid calendar for internal prioritization & customer management. This has improved our response time & dramatically reduced last minute scrambling on bid days. We are also integrating RepOrderManagement data into our job follow-up activities, sales forecasting & vendor relationships. Our team appreciates the level of detail & reporting flexibility provided.”

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