Project Management and Commissions

Creating an order takes seconds with no rekeying since our PMC module is completely integrated with our Quote Builder. Just click on any "won" line from your quote and instantly create the order! Editing the order, adding lines, tracking release status and shipping dates is at your fingertips too!

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Track and Report Everything, Automatically, Every Time

Real time commission calculations by salesperson and/or by order automatically!

Keeping track of every commission on every line of every order can be a painstaking exercise. We track it all for you automatically and give you totals by line and by salesperson and by order. Our Sales Volume and Sales Paid reports give you all the details on how much volume was booked and what lines are closed. The PMC automatically tracks splits for territory, house and sales person – down to the penny.

Real-Time Backlog Analysis and Sales Reporting

Instantly track your backlog and sort by customer, release status, manufacturer, original ship date and revised ship date. Stay on top of every line of every order and know exactly what needs to be invoiced.

Tons of Tracking and Real-Time Custom Reports

Track ship dates and release status for every tag. Enter as many tags as you need and track original ship date, revised ship dates and delivered date. Click the Send Update button and we will send an update to your team and even the customer if you would like. 7 days before the ship date, we also send a Shipping Reminder the same folks. Our shipping detail has all the details on an entire order and or you can generate a Shipping Detail for every order for a customer. Sorting shipping detail by ship date, sale order number, order status, project manager and/or release status is all done with a click of a mouse.

Real-Time Order Pricing

Our PMC automatically tracks every order down to the penny. Our real time financials tell you every dollar that has been booked, invoiced, paid, not invoiced and not paid for the customer/revenue side of the order, the manufacturer/cost side, the markup, commissions and profit

Automated Notifications and Order Tracking

Never miss a project status or delivery date again! RepOrderManagement tracks every project status and every change and sends automated reminders along the way! This way you know where every stage of your project sits whether its at your warehouse or at the clients location. Track Realease status, Original/Revised ship dates, and many more. Never skip a beat with RepOrderManagement.

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Find out how other manufacturer’s reps are improving performance and increasing sales while decreasing quoting time using RepOrderManagement.

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