100% Correct Commission Calculations - Every Time.

Commisions have to be accurate and with all the orders that are being generated, the calculations can be complicated. AccuTracker makes it easy!

Know your commission in real time. We track the commission on every line so you don’t have to.

Ultimate sales order flexibility – put any salesperson on any line and change the commission as often as you need to.

Set up your defaults by order and AccuTracker will automatically assign sales people to order lines with those defaults. You can change any line that has differing sales people and/or differing commission percentages.

Territory, House, and Salespeople commissions are calcuated automatically

AccuTracker automatically calculates the Territory split, then the House split and the each salesperson split. If you do team selling, then set the House split to 100% and calculate your salespersons split anyway you like.

Track both Buy Sell and Direct Bill lines

No matter how the order is going to be paid, you can track it. Buy Sell and Direct bill lines are no problem and are tracked separately in the order and by salesperson!

Update Sales Price and Costs as needed

We all know that the amount quoted is not the amount that is finally ordered. AccuTracker brings over the quoted amount, however you can change that amount if needed when doing the actual ordering.

Security flexibility

All security privileges can be set by person. You can change security to allow people to see all orders, only the orders that they are on or no orders. Order lines can be updated by specific people based on line status.

Commission Line Item Detail

Real time access to every line item that is due to be paid – you can sort by Salesperson, Division, and Month/Year.

Dont take our word for it

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