About Rep Order Management

We believe that there is always better way and that is where our journey begins.

We started out in 2018 working on the quoting process for one Manufacturers Rep who was tired of quoting HVAC equipment using spreadsheets. He was buried in data that he could not sort or report on without taking hours and hours of effort.

Spreadsheets are a fine tool for performing calculations, however we think that you need the ability to collaborate to be successful in business today. You need to share data, learn from the data and be actively supported by the technology you are using…… and this was where spreadsheets fell short. He looked at big tech and found very expensive solutions that were not built for the Manufacturers Rep.

He felt that there had to be a better way – and he was right.

We got to work and v1 of the ROM platform was born.

Since that initial release – our customers have created thousands of quotes, and have won billions of dollars in business from those quotes.

What do we do?

We specialize in helping Manufacturer Rep sales teams, managers and finance professionals work together to produce timely, professional quotes and then follow up, win, order and track every piece of equipment and commission to the penny. We are an enterprise, mission critical solution.

How have we been successful?

We are customer driven. Every feature you see in our product is because one of our customers called us or emailed us with an idea. We track every idea from every customer and build as many as we can into every release.

We develop quality, practical solutions. We are team oriented, down to earth and results oriented, and we primarily use open source software.

Where are we going?

Our solution provides one fully integrated platform that provides what a Manufacturer Rep needs from first becoming aware of an opportunity all the way to tracking the commission and closing out the job. Next up for us is integration into our customers accounting systems. Then we will implement AI/ML to help our customers find and learn from the patterns in their data to win more business.

One of our customers said – “… this is like the movie Money Ball – but for Commercial HVAC!”

Who we are.

We are a group of previously successful startup entrepreneurs working together on a new exciting application. We are headquartered in Maryland and have both full time local and offshore teammates, and we work remotely for the most part. When not working we enjoy nature, hiking, scuba diving – anything outside.

We are growing and are always interested in meeting new people, possible customers and investors.

ROM can be used to sell equipment from any manufacturer