Fully Integrated Project Management

When a customer calls - you will have all the details at your finger tips - ship dates, release status and instant access to every line that needs attention to get an order closed!

Ship date changed? Let the customer know with one click.

Track your backlog to the penny

Get insight into your backlog by sales order line item. With AccuTracker, you can easily stay on top of every ship date, sales volume, profit – sort by Project Manager, Manufacturer, Customer and more.

Unlimited tags per sales order line

Unlimited sales order lines and unlimited tags for each line. Track as much as you need to track and we will keep it organized and instantly available any time on any device for you!

Track Original ship date, revised ship date and delivered date

Ship dates change all the time and AccuTracker will keep track of the original ship date, the revised ship date, release status changes and more.

Send Update to the customer with the latest ship date in one click

Just click on Send Update and AccuTracker will send an email to anyone you choose to let them know about the change.

AccuTracker automatically sends a Shipping Reminder on the 7th day before the equipment ships

We watch the calendar for you and one week before an item ships, we will notify the customer (and anyone else) that the item is due to ship so they can be prepared.

Add notes to each line with links to the carrier to allow the customer to check shipping status whenever they want

Want to let the customer check on shipping status from a major carrier – just put the tracking link in the notes and we include it with the Shipping Update.

Track Submittal Dates, Order Dates, Order Ack dates and much more

We instantly create a new Project Management tracking line every time you create a new sales order line. We lay the groundwork so that you only have to provide the updates. No more rekeying! Track the Submittal Sent date, the Order Entered Date, Order Acknowledged Date, Invoice date, Start Up, Close Out and Follow up. Leave as many notes as needed.

Up Next: Fully Integrated Orders

AccuTracker creates the order for you from the Quote. Once we create the order, you can change the pricing, costs and add as many lines as you need to.

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